Here’s some unexpected good news to perk up your Wednesday. It turns out the OnePlus 3 is set to launch sometime this summer with a new design.

OnePlus co-founder revealed the news in an interview with CNET en Español this week, though he wouldn’t go into much detail. The device is launching “at the end of the second quarter” of 2016. Pei also promised a totally fresh look that he hopes will “captivate” customers just as much as the original OnePlus One.

We’ve already heard a few whispers about the OnePlus 3, including reports that it could pack a Snapdragon 820 chip and a 1080p display. That seems like a pretty safe bet, though we still wouldn’t put much stock in the rumors for now.

Pei also went into detail on some of the company’s other plans, including new ways to buy its phones and future marketing efforts. OnePlus will apparently start accepting credit cards instead of relying entirely on PayPal. It’s also eyeing “traditional marketing” for future devices, which could include billboards and commercials along with the company’s current emphasis on social media.