OnePlus announced on Thursday that it’s expanding its special OxygenOS Community Builds beta program to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X, allowing owners of those phones to test new software before it hits the public.

OnePlus offers two different beta-testing tiers, including a closed beta that’s only open to about 60 testers who will receive about 4 updates per month, and an open beta where testers can check out about two OxygenOS updates per month. Anyone can participate in the open beta and, by partaking in it and providing feedback, you’re helping OnePlus get the best software out to consumers.

Why this matters:

One of the benefits of buying a smartphone from a smaller brand is that you get the chance to help participate in helping it improve customer experiences if you want to. OnePlus has an extremely dedicated (and vocal) fan base of users, and allowing them to participate in beta testing will help OnePlus improve its OxygenOS software for everyone. Previously, the Community Builds for OxygenOS were only available for the OnePlus 2, so now it’s open to more devices.