The OnePlus 3 isn’t official, so don’t come after me with pitchforks yet, but the leaked images look an awful lot like something I’ve seen before. Images published earlier on Friday, which we ran, look very similar to a devices made by HTC. In fact, at first glance I had to make sure that we weren’t being fooled. The phone looks almost like an exact ripoff of the HTC One M9 that launched last year.

I’m looking at the One M9 on my desk right now while comparing it to the image and, save for the color differences, the backs of the phones are almost identical. There’s a square camera, for example, though the LED flash is below the sensor on the alleged OnePlus 3 instead of next to it. The antenna bands are identical, though, running across the top of the device, down to the camera square, and across the bottom of the phone. The finish also looks like metal that HTC uses, too.

There aren’t BoomSound speakers, of course, and the front of the device looks a bit more original than an HTC ripoff. And I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. After all, HTC makes excellent phones, so why not look toward them for inspiration? And HTC has copied others in the past, too; just look how similar the One A9 is to the iPhone 6s.

I’m not sure fans will care or if HTC will even react, but it’s just something I noticed looking through the leaked photos this morning. Am I just nuts? (Probably.)