OnePlus is really pushing the capabilities of the OnePlus 2 camera. First we had a comparison between it and the iPhone 6, then the OnePlus 2 vs. the G4 and now we’re back with even more photos, this time comparing the phone to the Galaxy S6.

The photo samples you see above (OnePlus 2 on left, Galaxy S6 on right) were posted in the OnePlus forums and show us four sample photos from each phone. We don’t get a true lowlight test here, but earlier samples have already showed us that the OnePlus 2 seems to be more than capable of handling well during those situations.

We now learn that it appears to be very good at maintaining clarity after zooming in on a photo. We’re actually really, really impressed, and some of the photos even look like macro images taken up close. The clarity in the photo of the ring is particularly jaw-dropping.

OnePlus will reveal the OnePlus 2 on July 27, when we’ll probably learn a lot more about its capabilities.