OnePlus recently offered up a comparison between the OnePlus 2 camera and the iPhone 6 camera, comparing lowlight shots with, arguably, one of the best mobile cameras on the market today. Now OnePlus is back with a lowlight camera comparison between the OnePlus 2 and the LG G4, another great smartphone camera.

We’ve embedded the camera samples above and will let you make your own conclusions on the quality — we’ll hold our own reservations until we have the OnePlus 2 in our hands. In the gallery above, the OnePlus 2 is the first image in each shot, followed by the G4 taking the same picture. You’ll note it seems to stand up pretty well, though, and it appears that the colors pop a bit more. Without being there, we can’t say for certain which is the more accurate shot.

It looks like we have a solid camera to look forward to during the OnePlus 2 announcement on July 27, however.