One of the most exciting features of the OnePlus 2 is its reversible USB-C port, and that means a fancy new charging cable to match. Now it turns out the Chinese company will sell the cable on its own, and at a pretty great price.

According to AndroidCentral, OnePlus CEO Carl Pei announced this week that the USB-C cable will be available for around $5. The offer will launch later this summer, roughly three weeks after the OnePlus 2 goes on sale on August 11.

Beyond that reversible USB-C connector, the OnePlus-branded cable is also reversible on the other end and features a tangle-resistant flat cable build. There’s even a special rubber tie to easily secure the cord when it’s wrapped up.

All those special features are great, but the best part is still the price. There aren’t a lot of USB-C cables on the market right now and, based on a quick Amazon search, $5 is the best deal out there. We’ll let you know once it’s actually available to purchase.