Earlier this week, we received some early one word reviews of the OnePlus 2 from three lucky contest winners. Now one of those fans reveals a lot more in a longer video interview… sort of. Unfortunately much of the interview is bleeped out to avoid spilling too much information, but maybe we can still piece together a few tiny details.

OnePlus contest winner Christian clearly came away impressed after spending sometime with the new phone. He actually uses the word “awesome” three separate times in less than two minutes to describe the OnePlus 2. Later he notes that the second-generation handset “topped my expectations.”

We also get a few hints at the new design. “You basically kept the [bleep] but added [bleep],” says Christian, “so it has a way more comfortable feel in your hands.” He adds that the OnePlus 2 “rounded up the overall design.” That could mean a curvier build or just a better overall look.

Finally, we learn that the OnePlus 2 will introduce at least one unexpected feature. This could be anything, though it may be a reference to the device’s rumored dual lens camera.

The latest bit of OnePlus 2 hype doesn’t really reveal much. Still, it definitely continues to drive excitement for the official unveiling later this month/