The OnePlus 2 is a pretty big upgrade over last year’s model, boasting a sleeker design, upgraded specs and a few new features. Now it turns out the new device offers one more big advantage over the original One: repairability.

The teardown experts at iFixit recently got their hands on the OnePlus 2 and made short work of the new flagship phone. At the end of the day it scored an impressive 7/10 for ease of repair. That’s a nice step up from last year’s OnePlus One, which came away with a mediocre score of 5/10.

The first step in taking apart the OnePlus 2 is removing the back cover. It snaps right off, but doesn’t reveal much beyond the dual SIM card slot and a bunch of screws. Once those are removed you’ll really get to the guts of the device, including the battery, which iFixit notes isn’t actually that hard to swap out.

The report said that the USB-C port uses a single flex cable that’s easy to replace. The device also features lots of modular components that can be switched out without much trouble. One small issue is the LCD display, which needs to be heated before it can be removed from the frame.

Overall it sounds like the OnePlus 2 is pretty easy to repair, which is good news considering the company doesn’t have walk-in customer support or any sort of physical presence in most of the world. Of course, before you can fix the phone you’ll have to actually buy one, and that’s a lot harder at the moment.