The OnePlus 2 hype train continued on Thursday with a Reddit AMA featuring company co-founder Carl Pei. As expected, OnePlus dropped a few more details about the highly anticipated smartphone during the brief online interview. Here’s everything we learned.

First off, the Chinese phone-maker confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will feature a 3300mAh battery. That’s a nice step up from the 3100mAh battery in the original One. The company also revealed a picture of the new phone hiding behind its predecessor, of course you can’t see the device, suggesting it will feature thinner bezels and a smaller overall footprint.

OnePlus 2-behind OnePlus One

Responding to a question about the camera, OnePlus wouldn’t confirm or deny any recent rumors. “Camera-wise, we have a bunch of things that we believe will set the OnePlus 2 apart,” the company said, “but we’ll leave the details for the launch”

We also learned that OxygenOS has been updated with new features for the OnePlus 2. After the device launches, an over-the-air update will apparently add support for Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile. Oh, and the new phone won’t sport a heart rate sensor, though that’s not something we were really expecting from it.

Finally, Pei revealed that the company’s “early supporters will be prioritized” when it comes to reserving a OnePlus 2. More details on exactly how that will work are coming soon.

In the meantime, check out these new OnePlus 2 cases, which seem to reveal a massive camera module in back. The company did just promise some awesome photography features, though what that really means is still a mystery.