The OnePlus 3 is expected sometime next month, serving as the official successor to the OnePlus 2. In anticipation of that device, OnePlus announced a major sale of all of its smartphones on Wednesday. And don’t worry if you just bought a new OnePlus device; the company says anyone who bought one during the last 14 days can call customer support to request a refund on the price difference.

The OnePlus 2 in Sandstone Black with 64GB of storage is now just $299, down from the launch price of $389 and from a recent price cut that brought the OnePlus 2 price down to $349. The OnePlus X is now $199, down from $249. All OnePlus One models are out of stock, which suggests that perhaps that phone is being retired to make room for the OnePlus 2 in that price point, with the OnePlus 3 filling in the top tier.

If you dig those prices, hit the source now and grab one. Me? I’d sit tight and wait for the OnePlus 3 announcement first, then make my decision. These prices aren’t going to increase.