The OnePlus One was a pretty awesome smartphone when it first launched, but getting your hands on the device was harder than it looked. Thankfully, the company says it’s taking several steps to make sure the OnePlus 2 release goes a lot smoother.

In a blog post this week, company co-founder Carl Pei explained how things will be different this time around. First of all, initial stock for the OnePlus 2 will be a lot greater. The Chinese firm says it’s assembling 30 to 50 times more handsets this year based on the popularity of the original OnePlus One.

There’s also a new reservation list. That means you can get in line and wait for your OnePlus 2 instead of stalking the company’s forums. Speaking of which, OnePlus says early forum supporters will get some sort of priority.

Finally, OnePlus says it’s sticking with the same shareable invite system. That means once you buy a OnePlus 2 you can share the love with a few friends and help them jump to the front of the line. This year those invites will go out even faster, which should speed things up as well.

We’re still not crazy about the whole invite system, but we understand why OnePlus does it. The company barely makes any profit on phone sales, so it can’t afford to have any extra stock lying around. At least this year the new phone should be easier to buy, even if it still takes a little extra effort.