OnePlus still hasn’t revealed many details for its upcoming OnePlus 2, but over on Chinese social network Weibo the company’s CEO Liu Zuohu (AKA Pete Lau) isn’t holding back. Chatting with fans on Thursday, he asked how much the company should charge if its next smartphone packs a Snapdragon 810 chip.

One fan suggested a price of around $400, which he didn’t balk at. Instead, he said “sounds reasonable,” which suggests the company might look at increasing the price of its next phone in order to deliver high-end parts.

Of course, that’s not as cheap as the original OnePlus One, which costs as little as $299 off-contract. We’re expecting the company to raise its prices at least a little bit though, as it continues to improve on the device and scale up in size. Thankfully, we may also get an even cheaper smartphone from OnePlus later this year as well.

As for the OnePlus 2, rumor has it the device will offer a sharper 5.5-inch display, a bigger battery and some kind of biometric scanner. The company recently confirmed that the upcoming phone will be sold on an invite system just like the original One. Hopefully it’s available in higher volume early on or even OnePlus’s biggest fans may turn to more readily available budget-friendly phones instead.