OnePlus is unlike any other phone-maker. The Chinese upstart does things differently, including how it reveals new devices. So it’s no surprise that the company decided to offer a first look at the upcoming OnePlus 2 with a casual Facebook post instead of a big announcement.

The image, which was shared to promote a smartphone photo contest for the OnePlus 2, shows an engineer test unit. That means we’re likely not looking at the final design, but the photo may still reveal a bit about the new device. The first thing we notice is some pretty thin bezels on this model, though the original OnePlus One also sported a similar look.

Not much else is revealed, though OnePlus seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on mobile photography with its new contest. That might be a hint that the OnePlus 2 will feature a beefed up camera. We’re also expecting a Snapdragon 810, a sharper 5.5-inch display and a bigger battery. Rumor has it the company may release a cheaper model later this year.

For now we’re still waiting for a more detailed look at the OnePlus 2, though this is certainly a nice start. If you’re interested in the new device you’ll also want to check out the company’s current photo and video contests for a chance to fly to Hong Kong and check out the OnePlus 2 before everyone else.