OnePlus on Friday announced that it’s now rolling out OxygenOS 1.0.2. You’ll certainly want to apply the update, since it fixes Stagefright, the major Android vulnerability that leaves devices at risk to malicious SMS and Hangouts video messages.

OnePlus has an installation guide, which is available in a link at the source, and recommends that all users back-up their smartphones before applying OxygenOS 1.0.2. It won’t require a reset, however, so everything should be right where you left it after you’ve finished rebooting your phone.

OnePlus isn’t the only company working to fix Stagefright as soon as possible. Google has announced monthly security updates for its Nexus devices, while Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Alcatel and LG have also promised to deploy quick fixes for Stagefright. For some folks, however, that may mean waiting for carrier approval first. That’s just another reason why owning an unlocked phone works to your benefit.

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