Here’s something you might want to know if you’re considering the OnePlus 2: it doesn’t have an NFC chip. That’s either a dealbreaker or it isn’t at all, depending on how you use your phone.

Things like Android Pay will take advantage of NFC for payments, and it can be useful for sharing apps and photos with other phones, pairing Bluetooth devices quickly and other things, but it really hasn’t taken off as quickly or as broadly as we thought it once might.

It does seem like a weird omission, though, considering that most every phone on the market today has NFC built-in for one reason or another, and since the cost of adding something like NFC seems so tiny that it shouldn’t affect OnePlus’s bill of materials (BOM), which needs to be as cheap as possible so that it can make its razor-thin profits.

OnePlus executives explained that although the OnePlus One had NFC, users didn’t find much use for it. And although services like Android Pay are on the way, it doesn’t feel adoption will be very high (at least at launch). However, if OnePlus users demand the feature be added, it might reconsidered for the next model.

But it’s worth sharing with you. We saw the spec was omitted from the spec sheet from OnePlus and confirmed it with the company. So there you have it: the OnePlus 2 does not have NFC.