OnePlus 2 details have been coming fast thanks to regular leaks and announcements from the Chinese company. Now a new set of sketches obtained by Business Insider may reveal a whole lot more about the highly anticipated smartphone all at once.

The first sketch shows the OnePlus 2 from the front. It looks pretty similar to the original One, though a few quick notes reveal some exciting developments. It looks like the device will feature an 8-megapixel camera up front (up from 5MP on last year’s model). The underlined words “stainless steel” also seem to confirm the new phone will feature some metal along the bottom edge, though it’s possible that element could wrap around the entire perimeter.

Moving on to the back panel, a second sketch suggests OnePlus won’t be skimping on features. One note reveals plans for a dual lens camera. The leak also confirms placement of the fingerprint reader, which OnePlus had already confirmed without revealing where it would be located.

The OnePlus 2 looks pretty great, though it’s important to remember that these are just sketches. Even if they came directly from the phone-maker, there’s no guarantee the actual device will match perfectly.

With the OnePlus 2 set to make an official debut later this month, it won’t be long before we get an official look at the new phone.