Yesterday OnePlus apologized for fumbling the launch of its new smartphone. Now the company says it has some good news for anyone who’s actually managed to get their hands on the OnePlus 2.

A teaser image shared online hints that “something luxurious is coming to OnePlus.” The picture seems to show a leather surface, suggesting this could be a new high-end swappable back cover for the OnePlus 2. We’re not really sure what to make of that blurry red and white object in the middle, it kind of looks like yarn, though hopefully the company will have more information soon.

OnePlus already offers a few different StyleSwap covers for its second-generation smartphone. The device only ships in sandstone black, but you can add a second swappable back panel for $27 and even options in kevlar or wood.

It probably won’t be long before OnePlus reveals its new bit of luxury. Hopefully OnePlus has at least a few new StyleSwap options to choose from, though it could also surprise us with something else entirely. Maybe even an easier way to buy the OnePlus 2? Unlikely, but there’s always hope.