OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2 this evening during a special virtual reality press conference. It technically goes on starts shipping August 11 through an invite system but you can sign up for your chance to receive an invite now. So, wondering how to get this new and affordable handset? Here’s how.

First, head to the OnePlus invite site. This is where you’ll be able to add your name to a list of folks who also want to buy a OnePlus 2. It already has more than 300,000 names, so you’re going to need to sit patiently. This is a reservation list, which means “you’ll have a chance to get an invite if any are left unused.” Remember, that’s just a chance to get an invite.

The best way to actually get one is to find someone who was able to order one right away. OnePlus is giving invites to helpful members of its forums and is also offering them through social media and its newsletter. Once folks start to buy their devices, they’ll receive invites that they can pass out, so buddying up with a big fan of OnePlus is probably your best bet. OnePlus warns that invites are “based on stock levels,” so you need to wait for actual phones to be available first — the company doesn’t just bulk manufacture these devices until it knows it can sell them. Folks who buy a device will get more invites to share as production ramps up, so pester your buddy if he or she doesn’t have an invite to share right away.

Once you get an invite and place your order, it can “take up to 3 weeks before it is ready to ship,” OnePlus says. You’ll have an option to cancel your order until it hits the “processing” stage for a full refund. Then, once you receive the phone, you’ll be able to invite others to do so. It’s that easy.

Good luck!