OnePlus makes a great smartphone, but the process of actually buying one can be more than a little infuriating. That’s what led one fan to hack his way to the top of the waiting list of the OnePlus 2, though he’s already reached out to the company in an effort to help patch the vulnerability he discovered.

Longtime OnePlus fan Jake Cooper actually shared the story on Medium after tweeting at the company directly. He doesn’t reveal exactly how he tricked the phone-maker’s system, but he does explain what led him to it.

When the OnePlus 2 waiting list first went live, Cooper was able to secure a decent spot. He was sitting comfortably at number 9000 in line, which should have secured him a new smartphone. However, the company’s decision to let fans invite their friends to cut the virtual line quickly pushed Cooper down below position 70,000. Instead of just giving up, Cooper decided to hack the website. He was able to shoot back up the list pretty quickly, eventually landing at position 1,694.

It’s unclear if he’ll be able to hold onto that spot once OnePlus finds out what happened. It’s possible the company could reward Cooper for pointing out a vulnerability that could make the entire invite system even more difficult to use, though the Chinese phone-maker may not see it that way.

Hopefully OnePlus makes the right decision.