When OnePlus introduced its powerful new flagship killer, one thing in particular the company touted is the device’s new fingerprint sensor. And it’s not just your average sensor; OnePlus claims that not only will it go toe-to-toe with Apple’s TouchID, but be even quicker and more accurate. Pretty big claims from a company that hasn’t previously released a device with a fingerprint reader.

Over the past few days, Jon said his experience so far with the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint sensor has been a mixed bag. It’s good, but not great, and certainly not exceeding TouchID quality. So we decided to put the two to the test, and see if the OnePlus 2 does indeed have a sensor on par with what the iPhone offers.

Our test was simple: set up the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint reader, and see how it performs. Out of 10 consecutive tries, how many times did it accurately read a fingerprint and unlock the device? We did that with multiple people in the office, and then compared the same test to the iPhone’s TouchID sensor.

What we found might surprise you. In my own personal experience with TouchID, it’s about 95-percent accurate, only on the rare occasion failing to read my fingerprint on the first try. During everyday use, that’s about all you can ask for. As for the OnePlus 2, I only just set up my fingerprint, and it’s been pretty accurate so far.

I’ll have more thoughts on the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint reader in the future. What I find super convenient about it is that you don’t actually need to wake the device before you use it. So you can just simply pick the device up, put your finger over the sensor, and it’ll wake the device up right to the home screen. Neat!

Also worth mentioning is that setting up the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint sensor and setting up TouchID is slightly different. The basics are the same; you just set your finger down on the sensor multiple times. But Apple’s method is a little more thorough, which could be why Jon was seeing some issues with accuracy.

Check out the video above to see how the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint sensor stood up to TouchID.