The OnePlus 2 won’t be officially unveiled until July 27, but three lucky fans have already seen the device. The contest winners earned a trip to China and a chance to see the new phone in person, which seems like a real beauty based on their reactions.

When asked how to describe the OnePlus 2 in just one word, all three responses were glowing. The device is apparently “premium,” “fabulous” and “perfect.” Sounds good to us.

One contest winner, Ali, goes into a bit more detail on OnePlus 2. He notes that the “actual specs” for the device were surprising. He also mentions some “cool surprises” in the keynote video, which will be presented to the world in a virtual reality format.

Ali also noted the intense work ethic at OnePlus headquarters. “Everyone really shows their dedication,” he said. “After we had dinner with the team one night, people were going back to the office to keep working.”

We already know a lot about the OnePlus 2. The device is set to include USB-C charging, a modified Snapdragon 810 processor and a fingerprint sensor. Rumor has it we may also get a dual lens rear camera, an 8-megapixel front-facing shooter, a metal design and 4GB of RAM. That all adds up to a pretty great device, though we’re still waiting to see what exactly makes the phone so “fabulous” and “perfect.”