The OnePlus 2 will officially be unveiled on July 27 at 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT). After a series of teases—and some leaks—the company on Thursday announced its upcoming flagship will be revealed in all its glory at the end of next month—and the way the company is going about it is rather unique.

To give everyone a fair shot of experiencing what the OnePlus 2 has to offer, OnePlus says folks will be able to experience the device in VR. And there’s going to be a OnePlus Cardboard to boot.

“In our industry, product launches tend to be the same,” OnePlus said. “An auditorium, a keynote, and a seated audience. For the OnePlus 2 launch, we didn’t want that barrier between us and you. A VR launch lets you stand right next to our team and our fans as we unveil our new flagship. You’ll be able to look around as you check out the phone in a new way and maybe even find a few hidden Easter eggs.”

Aside from confirmation of a Snapdragon 810 and USB Type-C, we don’t really know what the OnePlus will offer. A sharper screen, better design, and improved camera are sure bets. But what else? A fingerprint sensor? Something we haven’t even thought of? OnePlus is certainly under pressure to wow us when its next flagship is announced. We know the device will be more expensive than the previous model, so how will the company justify the higher price of admission.

Unfortunately, when the OnePlus 2 does launch, the dreaded invite system will still be intact. A price to pay to ensure the company keeps up with orders. Given that the OnePlus One was our favorite phone from last year, we’re excited.