HTC Logo largeFor all you Sprint customers, the grass is starting to seem mighty green on the other side of the carrier fence. At this week’s Mobile World Congress, it was announced that AT&T will soon be the proud home of HTC’s much anticipated One X, while T-Mobile has staked its claim for the One S. (Verizon, you have the amazing HTC Rezound!) So, is Sprint getting nothing? According to PocketNow‘s “trusted’ source, a rather high-end handset is on the way, and it may join the venerable EVO family.

Apparently, the codenamed HTC Jewel is headed to Sprint later this year, and it will run on the carrier’s LTE network. PocketNow justifies their speculation as such: the EVO 3D (which was released a year after the first EVO) is nearing its launch anniversary, meaning another device, in this case the HTC Jewel, is on the way to carry on the EVO bloodline.

While details are sparse, the device is believed to be similar in specs to the One X with a design distinct from AT&T’s iteration. If this does indeed succeed the EVO 3D, then perhaps the Jewel codename will come to be known as EVO LTE once it reaches consumer hands.

Sprint traditionally makes CTIA a priority, so if anything is on the way, expect the carrier to announce something when the event gets underway. Of course, rumors will be rumors, so don’t get your hopes too high yet.

[via Pocket Now]