Earlier this week, publisher tinyBuild offered up a challenge to the Twitch community. If they could control a horde of minions in the upcoming One Troll Army and actually beat developer Fly Anvil at its own game, tinyBuild would release the title for free.

Well, Twitch won. One Troll Army is now on Steam, and it’s totally free. You can find it in the source link below.

We received news of their agonizing defeat by way of an email. Here’s what they said.

Once again, tinyBuild has underestimated the clever skill of the Twitch Chat. After five hours of hard-fought battle, Twitch Chat has emerged victorious, defeating tinyBuild at their own game in order to liberate One Troll Army for the masses.

As a reward, One Troll Army will be released to all, May 20th, completely free of charge.

The game looks pretty neat, and we’re absolutely pumped about the price. I’ll be playing One Troll Army this weekend, how about you?