Chrono Trigger, often regarded as one of gaming’s preeminent RPGs, is now available on Steam for $14.99.

Originally released on the Super Nintendo, Chrono Trigger has been lauded for its unique battle system, design, and deep character development. It’s one of those games that rarely comes along, offering a memorable experience that people still talk about.

The fact that the game continues to be released for new platforms is a testament to its quality. Word of caution, however, today’s release is a port of the mobile version, which some fans have criticized as buggy and unpolished.

As a port of the mobile version, player will get access to bonus dungeons, optimized graphics and sound, keyboard and mouse support, and an autosave feature. There’s also a limited edition version—available until April 2—that offers PC wallpapers, music, and more.

Check out the trailer above for a nice dose of nostalgia, and then embark on an adventure to save the planet.