Microsoft Windows 10 for Phone-1

Microsoft's Windows 10 for phones update is showing some promise. Even though the Technical Preview is still a little rough around the edges, we like a lot of the features Microsoft discussed when it revealed the new operating system, particularly the new integration between Skype and SMS. While it's ushering in that new feature, it's also removing one of our favorites.

According to a statement provided to The Verge, Microsoft is set to remove the "Rooms" group chat function in Windows Phone 8, the version of the OS it made its debut in. We still use the rooms, particularly to chat with other Windows Phone users, and they're useful for sharing photos, lists and a calendar with a specific group of people. Microsoft explained to The Verge that created rooms will still exist but users won't be able to create new ones and, as we already know, the feature won't ever be available in Windows 10 for phones.

Thankfully, Microsoft's Skype integration and, perhaps other new features we haven't heard about, will hopefully outweigh that loss. "We're making way for new features in Windows 10 that will help you stay in touch with the people that matter most," Microsoft explained. We're still kind of bummed.