It was an inevitability, but it’s a wonder it took this long. Playdead, a Danish developer responsible for side-scrolling puzzler Inside, announced the critically-acclaimed title is on its way to the Nintendo Switch; the company also said the game is coming to iOS.

Released in 2016, Inside tells the story of a young boy who attempts to escape from a factory in a future dystopia. Players are challenged to traverse obstacles and solve puzzles in order to advance in the game. The game is a follow-up to another side-scrolling puzzler called Limbo.

Inside has gone on to spur a lot of discussion about its setting and especially its ending. Since its release, it has received near universal acclaim and has gone on to win several awards for things like art direction and game direction. Nintendo Switch owners will get access to the same game that’s been available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but with the perk of being able to take anywhere.

And that’s the beauty of Nintendo’s console. The portability allows owners to take high-profile titles on-the-go. Inside is a major indie title and further gives the Switch cred. Unfortunately, pricing and release date haven’t been announced yet, but hopefully Switch owners will get to experience the game over the holiday period.

There’s no word on whether Playdead plans to bring Limbo over to the Switch, or whether its new title, which doesn’t yet have a name or release date, is coming to Nintendo’s console.