YouTube user and PC game modder KinectFAAST has gone and created something exceptionally awesome: a mod that lets PC gamers play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the Kinect. Even better than that, he actually demonstrates that the game works well with the controller-free interface.

In fact, the whole thing seems surprisingly fun and fluid. Without much in terms of error, this gamer was able to walk, move, interact, fight and flee almost as if he were wielding a controller or keyboard and mouse configuration. The Kinect simply isn't known for this type of control; however, seeing it in motion by way of the video above is almost stunning.

The voice command feature seems mostly fantastic, as well. My only issue with the entire demo, though, stems from the fact that some things were toggled with quick keywords like "Flame," while others had to be selected by hopping into a menu and saying "down 5" and "right" and "select." It's at those moments that I feel like a controller or keyboard and mouse would absolutely be the best bet for menu navigation.

It also needed more dragon shouting…just saying.

Given that this modder is a fan and not an actual employee of a game development studio, the modification and demo were downright impressive to take in. We applaud KinectFAAST for doing something awesome with Microsoft's hardware. With demos like this in hand, the future for the Kinect is a bright one.

[via Destructoid]

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