The HTC One M9 is finally official, and we had a chance to finally check it out in person. We already brought you our hands-on, but we also wanted to do a few comparisons. In this video, we show you how the One M9 stacks up against the iPhone 6 Plus.

Yes, we know they’re two totally different handsets, we just wanted to show you the hardware differences between the two, especially since they’re both major flagships and this is HTC’s biggest release in a year. Android fans are probably going to love the new front-facing speakers, the improved 20-megapixel camera, all of the amazing customization options in Sense 7 and more. Meanwhile, you’ll see in the video how the metal bodies of both phones, which use a lot of aluminum, look side by side.

They’re both fantastic looking devices, two of some of the best looking phones on the market. See for yourself in the video above.

HTC One M9

iPhone 6 Plus