HTC on Tuesday unveiled a new version of the One M9+ with a refreshed camera that replaces the 20-megapixel sensor found in the original One M9 and One M9+. The first sensor, made by Toshiba, was largely considered a flop and ultimately seems to have hurt the reputation of HTC’s 2015 flagships. The new sensor upgrades the camera to 21-megapixels and includes some extra features.

First, HTC finally added optical image stabilization back into the camera, a feature that appeared in the One M7 but was omitted from the One M8 and the One M9. The company also added laser autofocus, and it sits in the area where the depth finder on earlier models existed, just above the camera. That’s a feature LG has added to its most recent flagship smartphones, too, and should help the camera focus quickly. The phone’s other specs remain untouched, so you’ll still find a 5.2-inch Quad HD display and a 2.2GHz octa-core MediaTek processor.

The new One M9+ will make its debut in Taiwan on October 15 for about $630. No word on when it will launch elsewhere, if ever.