HTC is offering huge discounts on the One M9 smartphone and the HTC Re Camera. In celebration of Cyber Monday, you’ll find 60 percent off the company’s portable camera product, and 40 percent off of the One M9.

The HTC Re has been on a seemingly constant sale since it was released. It’s a fantastic little product, though, that allows you to easily snap pictures and sync them right into your phone’s camera roll. It’s water resistant, too, so you can take a dip during your holiday break and snap some underwater photos at the Hilton’s pool. The One M9 has been largely replaced by the One A9 in the United States and, save for its mediocre camera, it’s a pretty fantastic smartphone. Now priced at $389.40, it’s kind of hard to pass up if you’re in the market for an upgrade.

Keep in mind that some of the discounts won’t appear until you add them to your cart. HTC says the sale will last so long as there’s stock, so move quickly.