AT&T’s HTC One M9 still runs Android 5.0, the buggier and as awesome version of Android, but that’s going to change beginning tomorrow, July 15. HTC confirmed that it has received approval to publish Android 5.1 to One M9 handsets on AT&T.

“We have received technical approval on Lollipop OS 5.1 which includes camera improvements,” HTC’s Mo Versi said on Twitter recently. “OTA to start on 7/15!!” Keep in mind that July 15 simply marks the day the update will start rolling out, so it might take days or even weeks until your One M9 receives its fresh coat of paint. It’ll be worth the wait, though, especially for those camera tweaks.

If you don’t immediately see an update tomorrow, you can always manually check for one in the settings panel. Keep those eyes peeled.