OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is well underway and moving towards its 2015 release. While Roll7 doesn’t have a release date in place quite yet, they’ve “been in beta for a month now,” according to a press release sent out by the team.

We get a peek at the new maps we’ll be able to grind through as well as the tricks we’ll have at our disposal to keep grinds going – elements like manuals, switches, and reverts. There’s a multiplayer mode for up to four players as well that should add more replay to an already replayable game. Just the other night, I spent half an hour with the first OlliOlli on PlayStation 4 and ended up logging a new high score.

OlliOlli 2 is headed for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this year and in the meantime European fans can pick up the original, which has PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita cross-buy, for 70 percent off.