Apple still relies on LCD panels for each new iPhone, but the company could be switching to OLED as soon as next year. Nikkei reports that Cupertino is speeding up its plans, suggesting the new technology could be ready in time for the 2017 iPhone (presumably called the iPhone 7s).

That's a year earlier than previous reports had indicated. Rumor has it the 2018 iPhone (iPhone 8?) might feature a flexible OLED display, giving the device a curvy new look. However, it seems unlikely Apple will introduce a totally fresh design for the iPhone 7s, suggesting it might simply offer a flat OLED panel.

Even so, an OLED iPhone should still bring a few nice advantages. The technology offers deeper blacks and better battery life. It also allows for a thinner overall design. That might be enough on its own to win some customers over.

Apple is allegedly working with Samsung and LG to secure the OLED parts it needs in a deal worth as much as $12 billion. However, Nikkei notes that some Japanese companies may also be in the running for this lucrative contract.