We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We hear that a new version of some important piece of software has hit the streets, and we can’t wait to start using it. You run the upgrade, and … immediately hang your head in defeat and wonder why you ever did it.

Some iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G [S] owners have reportedly been doing the same since they upgraded to iOS4, but there may be a sliver of hope to get your phone back to the way it was.

iphone3gs539According to a post over on Lifehacker, there is a way to get your phone back to iPhone OS 3.1.3, but it isn’t exactly a quick method.  First thing you need to do is see if your system still has a copy of the older OS, and you will need a program for Macs and PCs called RecBoot.

Lifehacker has all the step-by-step directions to do this, and it quite frankly looks like a giant pain to me with a lot of places this could go wrong, so I would highly recommend you give this some serious thought before you go forward with trying it.

From the comments being made at that post, and at other locations, it sounds like the likelihood of your iPhone being slower due to iOS4 depends on a lot of factors such as how many apps you have, what you’re trying to do and how you went about the upgrade.  It also appears that with some people it may be a matter of perception, i.e. they just think it’s slower.

Whatever the case may be, if you feel your phone is slower now, there may be hope if you follow these steps, just make sure to read all the way through the instructions before diving in.  If you do choose to try it out, make sure to leave a comment below to let others know how it went.  Heck, even just leave us a comment letting us know if you have found your older model handset to be slower with the new operating system.