The point of Android Auto is to turn Android, whether on your device or through your car’s in-dash display, into a hands-free experience. So, it was always strange that the feature never supported Google’s famous “Ok Google” command. That changes starting today—kind of.

First noticed by Reddit user neo5468, there appears to be a new toggle in the latest versions of the Android Search and Auto apps. When enabled, users can say, “Ok Google” while Android Auto is running.

For whatever reason, Google appears to be rolling out the feature on a per account basis, so if you don’t see it right now, you’ll have to wait.

While Android Auto is still largely a hands-free experience thanks to integration with some vehicle steering wheels, the lack of an Ok Google command is glaring. Hopefully, this latest addition will soon be available to all Android Auto users.


It’s been six months

Google first announced hot word support for Android Auto back at Google I/O, which was a whopping six months ago. The search giant also said Android Auto would soon get Waze integration, which has yet to go live.

Ok Google allows Android users to perform actions, such as send texts and get directions, without the need to touch their device.