Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Buttons

The long-awaited Android Ice Cream Sandwich firmware has already begun hitting Samsung Galaxy S II devices in some parts of the world, and the Skyrocket was lined up to become one of the next devices on AT&T to get the update. The official ROM is now available to download and install, but it wasn’t released by Samsung or AT&T.

Instead, Android 4.0.3 was released by developer site RootzWiki earlier today. While it may not be an official release, it is claimed to be the official, “fully functional” firmware.

It’s packing Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, in addition to the Chrome Beta web browser and other Ice Cream Sandwich apps and features — including NFC and Google Wallet, which are said to be working well.

In fact, users are reporting that there are no issues with this particular ROM so far, suggesting this is the final build of Ice Cream Sandwich currently being tested by AT&T for the Skyrocket.

If you’re already itching to say goodbye to Gingerbread, then, and you can’t wait for AT&T to finish its testing, installing this ROM will allow you to get Ice Cream Sandwich early. But there are some risks you should be aware of, highlighted by The Verge:

This does have some risks, especially if the process is interrupted, and the manual update will flag up in Samsung’s firmware ticker, invalidating your warranty.

If that hasn’t put you off, you can download the ROM now from RootzWiki.

Will you be using this ROM to get Ice Cream Sandwich on your Skyrocket early?

[via The Verge]