It’s a well known fact that most Android enthusiasts tend to tinker with their smartphones and tablets, but what about a phablet? Samsung’s Galaxy Note has turned quite a few heads in the Android development community and has finally gained its very own CM9 port from the folks from CyanogenMod. Still in its early stages, the ROM works better than most alpha or beta projects, with features such as Wi-Fi and data connectivity still intact.

The Galaxy Note’s current version of CM9 may be a little too barebones to be a daily driver for some of you, but the folks over at XDA-Developers have put together a development thread to help keep potential suitors abreast of this project’s progress. Whether you’re an aspiring developer looking to contribute, or a Galaxy Note owner looking for an adventure, there just might be something here to grab your attention. We’ll definitely put a pin in this one and check back as its progress furthers.

[via: XDA-Developers]