iPhone 5s Touch ID Demo

If you're constantly checking the Apple Store app to see if your Watch has shipped yet, you're probably fed up with having to enter your password every time. Fortunately, Apple has finally updated the app to support Touch ID logins, as well as two-step verification and more.

For whatever reason, it's taken Apple a heck of a long time to add Touch ID support to the Apple Store app, which means users have had to continue entering their password manually when making purchases, and to just check the status of existing orders.

But thanks to the app's latest update, version 3.3, passwords are no more (if you have a device with Touch ID); logging in is as easy as holding your finger on the home button.

The update also allows you to access EasyPay receipt, and makes the Apple Store app more secure by addition two-step verification. However, it seems you'll only ever see the latter when placing a new order.

If you already have the Apple Store app installed on your iOS device, you'll find the update is available now through the App Store. And if you don't yet have it, you can download it via the link below.