Microsoft Office may not launch for iOS and Android until next year, but it's clearly already on the company's radar. Speaking during an event in Norway recently, a creative director with Wolff Olins, a brand consulting firm accidentally suggested that somewhere deep in Microsoft's Redmond campus Office for Android and iOS is already progressing along nicely.

While pitching Office, Wolf Ollins creative director Todd Simmons said: "It's platform agnostic, so you don't have to have a PC to use office. It's mobile, it runs on Android, it runs on iOS. So it's a little bit more multi-faceted."


Now, it's entirely possible that Simmons just isn't that knowledgeable about Office and was speaking strictly about Windows Phone, but we're pretty sure that's not the case. It's much more likely he's been briefed on, and maybe has even seen, Office on iOS and Android. Looks like the cat's out of the bag!