Have a Office 365 subscription? Home, Personal and University subscribers previously had 1TB of free space at their disposal, but starting today, that storage is being increased to unlimited—and at no additional cost. The roll out will begin soon, with plans to gradually continue over the coming months; to put yourself at the front of the line, Microsoft suggests you visit this link.

1TB of storage is already plenty, but unlimited is just ridiculous. One way Microsoft suggests you take advantage of all that storage is to download the OneDrive app and enable the auto-upload feature for your phone's camera roll. If you're feeling really frisky, maybe you can also spend time uploading your collection of vacation videos, too. With unlimited storage, I suppose the question will no longer be, "What will I upload," but "What won't I upload?"

Microsoft says OneDrive for Business customers should get the upgrade sometime next year as part of its First Release program, though a specific month/date wasn't shared. Microsoft has championed a cloud-focused approach this year, and it's obvious the company is really ensuring its OneDrive service is the one to beat going forward.

Of course, you still need an actual subscription to get all that storage, so you are technically paying for it. Still, can't argue with unlimited.