Microsoft isn’t done making huge announcements, it seems. The company revealed its plans for Office on Thursday, when it announced Office for Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Microsoft Office for Windows 10 is the touch-optimized version of Office that we’ve heard about through several rumors recently. That includes touch-friendly versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, Microsoft said, and it’s the version you’ll most likely use on your phone and tablets.

It will be free on all Windows 10 devices and “available to download” for other devices. Right now, Office 365 for Android and iOS devices is free, so it seems like Microsoft will continue that strategy moving forward. Office for Windows 10 is set to launch later this year but will be available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview in the coming weeks, Microsoft said.

Microsoft discussed a few of the experiences you can expect from the Office for Windows 10 applications. Word will offer a collaborative experience with support for real-time editing. Excel will work well with touch, even if you’re interacting with cells, and Microsoft promises it will offer full support for charts, creating and editing documents and more. PowerPoint for Windows 10 will support annotations and offers a built-in presenter mode. OneNote will offer a ribbon experience and better support for collaboration. Finally, Outlook will offer Microsoft Word rich capabilities, support for pictures and bullets, and more.

Meanwhile, Office 2016 is going to serve as Microsoft’s full-fledged Office suite for computers with keyboards and mice, and it’s set to launch during the second half of this year. Microsoft didn’t discuss Office 2016 much, just confirming that it’s in the works and that it will operate different from Office for Windows 10, which is a more “universal” version built to serve on tablets and smartphones.