Microsoft Office 15 (2013) - Windows

Windows RT isn't the powerhouse that Windows 8 is. It's a lower-power operating system that will enable more budget friendly tablets that run on ARM-based processors. So we're not entirely surprised that Microsoft will allegedly ship a specific Office 2013 RT version of its office suite that lacks features of its more powerful brethren.

According to The Verge, Microsoft will launch a preview version of Office 2013 later this year, we imagine somewhere around the time that Surface tablets will hit this fall, and that anyone who uses it will have the option to upgrade to the full Office 2013 RT version when it's ready for primetime. So what's going to be missing?

The Verge has learned that Microsoft will cut support for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), third-party plugins and macros. From our point of view, this isn't devastating for students or light Office users, but it certainly cuts out features that advanced Office customers will want.

[via The Verge]