Oculus has been at each E3 since it really started making waves in the gaming industry. 2017 will see that streak come to a screeching halt. Oculus will not have its massive booth on the show floor this year.

The word comes from Venture Beat as they confirmed that the virtual reality platform that sits below Facebook will not be at the show. Partners will likely be showing off their Oculus Rift games, however. Just don’t expect to be playing any of those games at an Oculus-backed booth. It won’t be there.

E3’s hemorrhagingexhibitors

E3 has seen sort of an exodus over the last couple of years. Disney’s standard booth? Gone. EA? They stopped renting floor space, opting instead to offer EA Play somewhere else in Los Angeles. This year, they’ll be in Hollywood. Activision? Gone. There are more, too.

E3’s slowly but surely seen a decrease in exhibitors. One has to imagine that’s part of the reason why the ESA, the body that oversees E3, opened up the show to the public this year. There was a revenue gap after exhibitors started leaving, so they covered it by selling passes.

That’s a theory, of course. And a loose one.

What do you think it says about Oculus and E3 now that the VR hardware maker is skipping the show?