Oculus announced on Thursday that its long-promised gesture controllers, Oculus Touch, will finally launch on December 6 for $199. Pre-orders begin on October 10.

$199 might sound like a lot for a pair of controllers, though we were well prepared for the price thanks to earlier leaks. Based on personal experience, I can definitely say that Oculus Touch brings the entire virtual reality experience to an awesome new level. Whether that makes it worth the price is up for debate.

The Facebook-owned company also revealed that Oculus Touch will support room scale, making it possible to physically walk around a limited space in virtual reality. To experience room scale with Oculus you’ll also need to pick up an extra sensor for $79. The HTC Vive already offers room scale using a similar combination of sensors and controllers that come with the headset.

Oculus Touch is launching with a lineup of new games designed to use the gesture-based controllers. That includes a free shooter game called Robo Recall, an interesting new art tool called Quill and many more titles.

Additionally, Oculus unveiled a new set of earbuds called Oculus Earphones that you can swap in for the headphones included with the Rift headset. The earbuds cost $49 and ship on December 6. Pre-orders begin October 10.