Oculus still hasn’t revealed its official launch plans for the long-delayed Touch controllers, but one retailer may have accidentally spilled the beans. A listing from German site MediaMarkt revealed a potential price and launch date for the Oculus Touch.

The Oculus Touch listing, which was quickly pulled from the website, claims the controllers will cost 199 euros. That’s about $225, though the final U.S. price could translate directly to $199. As for the release date, it’s apparently slated to launch on November 21.

That date doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but the price is a bit of a shock. Assuming the Touch controllers cost $199 in the U.S. it puts the total Oculus price tag at just under $800. That’s the same as the HTC Vive, which comes with a pair of controllers and two positional trackers for Room Scale right out of the box.

Oculus could give up any price advantage it has over the Vive if this leak is correct. $199 also feels like a lot of money to spend on controllers. Though to be fair, Oculus Touch does add a lot to the experience. The company’s also promised to launch dozens of virtual reality games and apps later this year designed to take advantage of the new technology.

There’s no guarantee these details are correct. MediaMarkt could have simply added in some placeholder information, but the fact that the Oculus Touch listing was pulled so quickly suggests there might be some truth to it.