The Oculus Rift is already awesome, but it won’t really be complete until the Oculus Touch controllers launch later this year. On that note, the Facebook-owned company offered up a look at the design during E3 this week.

ArsTechnica got some hands-on time with the redesigned Oculus Touch and spotted a few big differences. The entire controller is apparently more polished, with springier triggers and a rubberized grip. There’s also a mysterious grille alongside the main buttons, which could be a built-in speaker or just a tactile spot to place your thumbs when you’re not using them. Maybe it’s a fan? We’ve seen them built into mice, so it seems possible.

Oculus still doesn’t have a set release date for the Touch controllers, but they’re set to arrive in the second half of the year. ArsTechnica says it heard the company is aiming for a November release, but that’s not official yet.

Once Oculus Touch does arrive, it will launch with an impressive roster of 20 brand new games designed specifically for the new controllers. That includes everything from Rock Band VR to mountain climbing simulation The Climb to experimental first person shooter Superhot.

Check out a trailer for Oculus Touch in the video below and stay tuned for more virtual reality news as E3 continues.