This week, Oculus has updated the shipment date for a ton of Oculus Rift pre-order customers. A component shortage, which the company hasn’t really expanded on yet, has forced Rift shipments to be delayed by months.

This doesn’t even serve as Oculus Rift hardware commentary. Instead, all of this anger stands to demonstrate that the Oculus team, whether their fault or not, mishandled all the pre-orders for the Rift. The fact that folks were able to pre-order a headset 9 minutes after the window opened only to see their shipments delayed months and months after the release date is absolutely bogus by any standard.

Here’s Jeff Cannata, and outspoken advocate for virtual reality, expressing his frustrations.

The list of influential consumers and angry tweets goes on.

How about other forms of conversation?

So, we did. Folks are saying they’ve decided to cancel their pre-orders entirely. There are plenty of GIFs and images to take away the pain, too. How about this Memento themed gem from Redditor Twoinches?

Don't Believe His Lies

What do you think of all this? Is this a failing on Oculus’ part? Or, is this type of stuff part of the risk of being an early adopter?