The Oculus Rift is finally ready to make its official debut in Canada and Europe next month. Customers in some countries can start pre-ordering the device today ahead of its launch on September 20.

Oculus has teamed up with a bunch of big retailers in North American and Europe to make the Rift more accessible. Those include John Lewis, Currys PC World, Game, and Harrods in the U.K. Amazon will also offer the device throughout Europe.

Best Buy and Microsoft Stores will sell the Rift in Canada. Oculus hasn’t provided suggested retail prices for Canada, but in the U.K. and Europe, the Rift will sell for

The Rift ships with virtual reality platform game Lucky’s Tale, as well as access to hundreds of free 360-degree videos and VR movies. There’s also the Oculus Store, which offers content that can be purchased in a bunch of currencies.

“When you pickup your Rift from a European or Canadian store, you’ll get a localized product with regional pricing and translated packaging, manuals, and software,” Oculus explains. “We’re also supporting developers to help them localize their games and experiences.”

If you’re not sure if your PC is ready for Rift, you can use Oculus’ official compatibility tool to find out. If you know you need a new PC, you can browse Rift-ready setups that are designed to deliver seamless VR experiences.