The Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers are getting a $200 price cut in hopes of stirring up sales. The move was announced concurrently at GDC with news of new titles coming for the system later this year.

The discount will bring the entire Oculus kit down to $598. This undercuts its primary competition, the HTC Vive’s $799 price tag, by a wide margin and is only $100 more expensive than the other comparable VR system—PlayStation VR. At launch, the Oculus Rift headset system alone cost $599, with the Touch controllers coming in at $199. This brought the price of the kit to $799, but that was not including the high-end gaming PC it required which required even more dough.

In the past few months, moves have been made to bring down the price of the Oculus kit, including a $499 Oculus certified PC that met the specifications of to run the VR system. Hypothetically, coupling the $499 and new $598 price tag of the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers still brings the price to just a shade under $1,100. This is still by no means a cheap system, but gains are being made to make it more accessible.

If you bought an Oculus system before this announcement, tough luck because you can’t access the new discounts. The only credit Oculus is offering is for buyers of the system within 30 days of this announcement, and it’s only worth $50.

VR is still really expensive

Wide access to a full-featured a VR system is still a ways off. The closest way to tap into comparable powerful system is through PlayStation VR, but that’s assuming you have a PS4. If not, add on an additional $199 to the PSVR’s $499 and that gets over the Oculus’ price. You’re probably looking a shelling out over $500 if not near $1,000. There’s not other way to put it, VR is still really expensive.